Skip Hire Terms and Conditions


All our bins can be retained for up to fourteen (14) days. Please phone to have skip bin collected or you can nominate a specific day for collection when booking. If you require the bin hire for longer than the fourteen (14) days please enquire for our extended hire rates. The bin may only be filled to the rim as it is illegal to transport overloaded bins. You may have the bin on the footpath if it does not impede access. We don't allow the bins to be placed on the road without prior permission 

1. Rubbish must NOT exceed the lip of the rim of the Bin.

2. The area must be clear of any obstruction when collecting the bin.

3. Payment is to be made on delivery.

What is NOT allowed in the bins

  1. Car Tyres
  2. Liquids
  3. Chemicals
  4. Food
  5. Contaminated Soil
  6. Asbestos

Payment options

Payment is made by:

1. Paying Cash to the driver on drop off.

2. By paying by Credit Card, Mastercard or Visa to the driver or phone operator which will be put through when your skip is dropped off.

3. You may also pay by direct deposit which must be made on, or before your skip is dropped and confirmation must be emailed through to